Factors that Affect the Outcome of the Ashes

The Ground

Home ground advantage is a factor when it comes to the England versus Australia Ashes Test Series. Australia is more likely to defeat England here and vice versa. Despite this, not all matches that are played in this year’s test will definitely give Australia an advantage. However, at the Gabba in Queensland, Australia has won its last 28 matches. If you’re better on a win here for England you will most likely find yourself disappointed. The same goes for the WACA ground in Western Australia, as the Australian team have a solid history here too, especially against England. When placing your bets, keep these grounds in minds.

Weather Conditions

The weather can have a major impact on the outcome of each test match. The Ashes test is played over 5 days and if there is persistent rain that halts play there is less of an opportunity for both sides to make runs. This is the most common time for a draw to occur. Overhead weather condition can also affect the play as it can create an advantage or disadvantage to certain bowlers. You should always check the weather forecast for each match when considering what market odds you’ll bet on.

The Toss

The initial toss can have a large impact on the outcome of a match. If a side is ready to bat and the conditions are right and they bonus bets the toss, this can cause a momentum that’s hard to catch up on. Similarly, if a team loses the toss they can be forced to bat with poor conditions that don’t support the team’s skills. It’s always recommended that any match based bets are placed after the coin toss has taken place.

The Pitch

Certain pitches will suit different kinds of bowlers and so it’s important for you to get an understanding of this and to take this into account when placing your bets. Pitch conditions can change across all five test matches or they could be all the same. This will give and advantage and a disadvantage to different bowlers across the test.