Experts Call for List Changes as Sydney FC Suffers from Arnold Departure

The struggles of Sydney FC in the current session of theA-League has brought the lumberjacks out of their cabins with axes honed andeyes darting about for an unsuspecting neck or two.

Winners of just three of seven since Steve Corica took over from his mentor Graham Arnold, the experts have enough advice on how Corica should proceed to supply the entire league for the next decade.

Those experts are stopping short of calling for Corica’s head, suggesting instead that the time is opportune to make some changes in the playing group.

Former Socceroo Mark Bosnich thinks centre-back Jop van der Linden should be dropped and a less than 100 percent Milo Ninkovic should have a spell until he can take the ground at full fitness.

“As a developing coach who’s been in the system seven or eight years this is a wonderful test for him [Corica] to actually stamp his authority,” Bosnich said on A-League Hour.

Van der Linden had a silly penalty in a match with Melbourne and when such bites, it is easy to point the finger. Bosnich wants to see Aaron Calver brought in for van der Linden.

That might be the easier move, as sitting Ninkovic might not be well received. After all, many would say, a star at 80 percent brightness is better than no star at all.

On the other hand, with 20 games remaining on the fixture, it might be a good time to let Ninkovic get back to top form following a tackle in a match with the Mariners that has left him firing on fewer than all cylinders.

Salsa Ognenovski seconded Bosnich’s views that Corica needs to step out of Arnold’s shadow.

“He’s not Graham Arnold. Graham Arnold is just on you for perfection constant and Steven Corica he might still want the perfection – I’m not saying he doesn’t – different characters. You feel the pressure of Graham Arnold as a coach, you feel the pressure of his personality on you that you need to perform, it needs to be perfection.” Sydney took the premiership last season and Arnold walked off into the sunset and predictably, anyone with the temerity to step into Arnold’s shoes is going to suffer by comparison.