Everyone Pull for Boston to Extend Semifinal Series with Milwaukee

Everyone Pull for Boston to Extend Semifinal Series with Milwaukee

The NBA playoffs are beginning to get interesting.

The first round is typically just a way for the league and its partners to make some money. Upsets of the top seed by the eighth are rare.

The Conference semifinals are where the real action begins.

The Western Conference semifinals are both tied at two games apiece.

The Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors have at least two more games ahead of them and it would be little surprise if the series were to go the entire seven games.

Likewise for the series between the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers. After losing game three in an overtime thriller that went to four extra periods, the longest NBA overtime since 1953, Denver evened the series with what could only be described as a routine win. This is another one where it will probably take seven games to decide the winner.

One semifinals series in the Eastern Conference is tied.

The underdog Philadelphia 76ers are slugging it out toe-to-toe with the Toronto Raptors. The bookies have game five quoted as Philadelphia $3, Toronto $1.40, so we know without looking that the game is being played in Canada.

The Milwaukee Bucks led the NBA during the regular season and look to be on the verge of closing out their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Boston Celtics. Milwaukee is up three games to one and Boston simply has no defender capable of stopping Giannis Antetokounmpo. He scored 39 points in the last game and is shooting just under 60 percent from the field.

Whichever of the eight remaining teams advances to their respective Conference finals, it is highly doubtful that either of those series will be decided in four games.

Fans are happy. The league is happy. The broadcasters are ecstatic. More games equal more advertising, which equals more money.

We might not be too happy if we wanted to attend one of the games. The lowest priced ticket for the next Toronto/Philly game will set you back $US 125 and it is a certainty that from that vantage, the seven footers will look the size of ants.