Disturbance in the Force Results in NBA Balance of Power Shakeup

The word gratitude is synonymous with money in the NBA.

After delivering the 2018 – 2019 NBA Championship to the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi Leonard is heading to a stint with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Apparently, Canada was not grateful enough to keep Leonard in Toronto, and while it is actually a quite lovely city, Canada would have had to move it quite a ways to the south and become a coastal city, as NBA stars show a definite inclination to escape the interior doldrums of some NBA cities.

It is hard to blame them.

Put yourselves in their $2,000 sneakers.

Actually, you can’t.

Australia is nothing but coast, but maybe you could ponder the prospects of playing in Perth for minimum wage, or heading to Sydney or Melbourne with pockets stuffed with cash.

The Brooklyn Nets have made major moves during the NBA free agency period, where big acquisitions including Keven Durant Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan will at least slow down the number of jokes over New York’s most maligned borough.

In a rare display of generosity, Durant and Irving are anteing $US 4 – 5 million annually in order to make salary cap space for Jordan.

Brooklyn was average last year, winners of 42 and losers of 40, so adding three top players should move them into the upper ranks, although much depends on Durant’s recovery from major surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon his attempts to be heroic for Golden State cost him.

The Nets used to be based in New Jersey, where Irving was born and raised, so Irving to Brooklyn is something of a homecoming and most would be hard pressed to tell the difference between New York and New Jersey, as nothing but a river separates the two states.

The addition of Durant and Irving represent a possible culmination of the rebuild that has been going on in Brooklyn. They managed to retain the young core that surprised the league last season by qualifying for the playoffs. Durant and Irving will raise Brooklyn to the extent that the borough of Queens will now be the brunt of most of the jokes.