Dana White Grooming Max Holloway to Move Up in Class

We envy those who are told to gain weight, as it neverhappens to us, quite the opposite, in fact.

Dana White would like to see Max Holloway move from the featherweight to the lightweight division, which would put in on course for fights with any or all of the following: Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson, Dustin Poirier and the Notorious Conor McGregor.

Holloway would need to add 10 pounds to move up from 145 to 155 pounds.


We could do that in two days. Gain 10 pounds, that is.

Following UFC 231, where Holloway retained his title with a fourth round TKO over previously unbeaten Brian Ortega, White told reporters, “Listen, Max is a grown man and we need to talk but I’d like to see Max go to [155] now,” White said at the UFC 231 post fight press conference. “I think that the guy is 27 going on 28 years old, he’s in the prime of his life, never looked better. Continues to improve every single fight that he’s in and I think he’s done everything he can do at [145].

Those UFC fighters cannot go about it the same way we would. Gain 10 pounds, that is.

They would want nine of the 10 to be muscle. Our 10 would all be fat.

Holloway has been in the octagon with McGregor previously. The two met in 2013, with McGregor coming out on top via unanimous decision.

He was supposed to fight Nurmagomedov at UFC 222, but he was ruled medically unfit at the weigh-in.

Holloway, after beating Ortega, proposed that beating the unbeaten is his specialty, so Nurmagomedov would seem the one, provided the deal could be put together before someone else in the line ahead of Holloway put an end to KN’s streak.

“I got this niche, I guess. I just gave an undefeated fighter his first loss. So maybe that one might excite me the most,” said Holloway. Come on over to our niche, mate, the one where you eat 20 grams of crisps and convert it into two kilos of bodyweight.