Crows Collectively Toe Line but Need to Collect Points

There have been more than a few eager to know what really went on at the now infamous Collective Minds pre-season camp that was supposed to give the Adelaide Crows the final boost they needed after leading the AFL for two seasons during the home-and-away fixture, and then failing when playing finals.

Theories abound.

Some, well us, postulate that the camp was supposed to prepare the Crows for playing at MCG, which proved to be their Waterloo in the 2017 Grand Final.

Others, well us again, think the intent of the questionable training was to teach the Crows, if they ever found themselves on such an oval, how to walk across hot coals in their bare feet.

The Crows do need to look into the refund policy of Collective Minds, as the company seems to have done nothing other than collect money from the club.

The recent bizarre presser fronted by Coach Don Pyke and Brett Burton did nothing to supply information more concrete than our bizarre theories.

Dual Brownlow Medallist Chris Judd this week questioned the Crows’ lack of transparency about the Collective Minds camp. Perhaps the camp was designed with opacity in mind.

Judd wanted Rory Sloane to fess up, but Sloane issued a statement that seemed like something straight out of the Stepford Wives.

“I 100 per cent came back from that camp feeling like a better husband, a better son and a much better teammate than when I was before I left for that camp. For me the experience was unbelievable,” Sloane said.

A better teammate perhaps, but a better player?

Judd rebutted.

“It’s possible that Rory Sloane found the camp as transformational as that. But given all the evidence we now know, it’s probably hard to believe,” Judd said. “When I did hear Rory Sloane talk like that about the camp, it just reminded me of the pressures players are under for group thinking and to toe the party line — and when you do toe the party line for an extended period of time, there is a big cost to players. A little piece of you dies each time you say something publicly that you don’t actually believe.”

At least the Crows were not assimilated by the Borg Collective.