Crows Caw over Securing of Rory Sloane for another Five Years

Most observers were of the opinion that Rory Sloane would bolt Adelaide, particularly in light of the results the Crows have produced this season, by Sloane says he is staying put.

It is almost as though Adelaide has some sort of mind-control power over Sloane.

The most recent reports, however, indicate that it might be more a case of wallet control, as Sloane as taken a long-term deal for around $4 million.

Then again, we have to go back to the mind-control theory, as Sloane could have put far more in his pocket by choosing to return to his home state and play for one of the Victorian clubs.

He did, quite possibly more importantly, get five years from the Crows, which will put him at the age of 33 when the deal expires. To be precise, he will be 33 at the end of five years no matter what, but it would appear that he opted for the security of a contract that will seem him play out his days with the Crows.

“This is a great footy club and I have said many times before how much I respect and love the place and people, particularly the playing group,” Sloane said. “There is always a lot to weigh up, especially given Belinda and I are about to start a family, and we have been in constant talks with the club for some time,” Sloane told

The Crows obviously think Sloane is reliable. They used the 44th pick in the 2008 NAB draft to get him and he has averaged 17 games per season with the Crows, demonstrating that he knows how to produce on the field and that he knows how to stay on the field.

Adelaide pulled a coup in convincing Sloane to stay and they might have been desirous of not seeing another of Patrick Dangerfield-quality escaping, as Dangerfield did following the 2015 season.