Bogut Suggests Opening Pandora’s Box of Increased Media Access in AFL

Andrew Bogut, who recently landed on our radar because he is back in Oz and was warned off from playing in the NBL by Chris Antsey, does not appear to be shirking the public eye, accustomed as he is, to the almost incessant attention Yank athletes receive from the communications media in the U.S.

He recently made his views known on the tight reins the AFL clubs keep on the loose lips of the players. Bogut would like to see that lessened to some extent, even if some such as rugby’s Israel Folau, might occasionally venture into verboten territory.

Patrick Dangerfield has expressed similar views and he would like to see the media granted better access in AFL realms.

Bogut was appearing on Fox Footy’s On the Mark when he said, “I think a lot of it’s club-sanctioned … I think the club doesn’t like you going and doing your own thing because it’s perceived as you’re being an individual or it’s not part of the culture of the group and that’s how it’s sold.”

True Bogie, it is much easier to express opinions in the NBA, because there are a lot of players who thrive on the attention and no sooner does one microphone or camera go away, then there are others to replace them.

Talking of his NBA days, which seem to be behind him, Bogut said, “But we’re the other extreme in the NBA where it’s every day you have media access and if someone wants to talk to you, they get access to you. So I think there should be a bit more access that’s in a controlled environment through the club. If you just got caught doing something silly on the weekend or whatever, go and do your press conference on a Monday, get it out of the way, it stops door stopping, it stops the (journalists) of the world jumping out of bushes and stuff, almost running them over. I just think that looks very unprofessional.”

We don’t recall any incidents where Bogut got caught doing something silly on the weekend, but he must have done, elsewise how did he come up with the suggestion?