Blues Desire to Clinch 2018 Origin Series in Sydney Paramount

Blues Desire to Clinch 2018 Origin Series in Sydney Paramount Is it déjà vu all over again for the NSW Blues?

Even the most memory challenged amongst us recalls that the 2017 State of Origin series started off in a similar fashion, with the Blues taking the first game, in Brisbane of all places, before sanity was restored and the Maroons woke up and eventually won the series.

The next game will be in Sydney and if the Blues are half the students of history they should be, the will know that they have to strike while they have the home ground. If it comes down to a decider in the third game in Queensland, that would bode ominous for the NSW side.

The players now have until June 24 to resume their respective duties in the NRL and Super League, although it is not uncommon for coaches at the club level to use Origin players sparingly, given the stakes.

No one wants to be that coach who bears the responsibility for a key Origin star being unavailable, as that would put a black mark on that coach’s permanent record that will follow eternally, even beyond the grave and whatever awaits after, although it is doubtful that few rugby coaches have ever gone up following death.

Those looking to impress a date for Holden State of Origin II should look into NSW Immortals Dining packages, currently available for the pittance of $1,350 per person.

The function will be held at ANZ Stadium and we can assume that no dead immortals will be in attendance. It is fitting that the NSW Blues are officially the Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues, as one of those lawyers may be necessary to interpret the terms and conditions that accompany the application for ducats to the event.

Act fast, because once all the seats in Sydney are gone, it will be too late, as the same event for State of Origin III is sold out. Most of the slots went to Queensland immortals, of which there are many more than in NSW.