BBL Boss McConnie Nixes BBL Leniency for Smith and Warner

“None of that here,” seems to be the message emanating from Big Bash League top executive Kim McConnie.

She was referring to the calls for the penalties levied by Cricket Australia against Steve Smith and David Warner to be reduced.

She ruled out any prospect of Smith and Warner being permitted to play in the 2018 – 2019 season beginning on November 4 and conclude in February of 2019.

Cricket Australia is also adamant in its stance that the penalties will not be reduced, despite the vociferous opinion of current and ex-players who felt that 12 months was an excessive ban.

“Both players have done a really good job and accepted the ruling from Cricket Australia and they won’t be appearing in the BBL this season,” McConnie told AAP. “I think every player who plays cricket, we love to think that they talk about the Big Bash and promote the tournament. But beyond being cricket players themselves that have a love of the format, there’ll be no formal relationship.”

Shane Watson was one of the players who thought the penalties were above and beyond the crime. His position is bolstered by the reality that with Smith and Warner missing, Australia’s cricketers have languished.

“The thing that just disappoints me about the whole situation is now Steve Smith and Dave Warner are over promoting other tournaments by playing in them,” Watson said, in reference to Smith and Warner’s appearance in the Canada Global T20 League. “I understand the rulings … but for them to have the opportunity to go and promote other tournaments, I’d prefer if they’re going to do that and have access to do that (that) they have access to promote the Big Bash, for example.”

McConnie went on to reiterate, saying that everyone should be focusing on the current league and players and stop the whinging about Smith and Warner.

From our perspective, this is not over, oh no, not by a sixer.