Australian Grand Prix Yields Frustrating Fourth to Ricciardo

It would almost seem as though Formula 1 could simply re-broadcast the video of last year’s races and save the cost and bother of actually running, at least if the Australian Grand Prix is an adequate indicator of the season to come.

Once again, it was Mercedes and Ferrari battling for the win. Once again, it was Daniel Ricciardo and Team Red Bull tailing the faster cars and hoping for a miracle.

Sebastian Vettel won the Australian Grand Prix for the second year in a row and it may be time for Albert Park to give him a reserved parking space.

Vettel did not win so much as Mercedes lost, as the Germans with the British driver were beaten when the Virtual Safety Car period allowed Vettel to jump ahead of Lewis Hamilton in a pit stop.

Hamilton was unable to get back in front of Vettel in the second half of the race, meaning it was a typical F1 race, where passing opportunities are rare to non-existent.

Ricciardo chased Kimi Raikkonen with all his might in the closing laps, but the Perth native seems to be resigned to futility so far as a podium finish in his backyard is concerned, at least so long as he drives for Red Bull.

Max Verstappen fell prey to the malady that often plagues the young, a lock of patience. He was chasing Kevin Magnussen and attempting to get by the Haas car in order to get into the top three in the early stages of the race. Magnussen was successful in holding Verstappen back when Verstappen got a bit impatient and spun in Lap 10.

Verstappen was able to get back on the track and resume in the eighth position and he eventually worked his way back to finish sixth.

Ricciardo got back in touch with the lead when the Safety Car Proper came out in Lap 28. He had fresh tyres and moved on Kimi Raikkonen in Lap 38, but Raikkonen prevented Ricciardo from sneaking past.