Australia Beat England in Conditions only a Limey Could Love

For today only, following Australia’s win over England in the 2019 ICC World Cup ODI Cricket tournament, it is free samples of Mitre 10 sandpaper…

We are jesting of course. If you want memorabilia, there are better choices.

Australia won the 32nd match of the tournament by 64 runs, the final score of 285/7 to 221 is official, unless the entire match is undergoing an intensive VAR that could result in the score being flipped…

What a difference a year makes, eh?

England put up a staggering 481 that made them the de facto 500 kg. gorillas ahead of the World Cup. They now have straws to grasp in order to advance to the semi-finals.

If it seems as though just a short time ago when questions of Aaron Finch’s qualifications were swirling, it is because it was a whirlwind ahead of Finch’s selection.

He answered all doubts with a 100, about 65 percent of Australia’s production.

To arrive at his recent spot, Finch had to overcome the troubles that made him susceptible to seamers into him. The fact that Finch, with the help of David Warner, hit his ton in conditions at Lord’s that seemed custom made to give him issues.

Australia had a nearly ideal bowling combination of spin and speed that prevented the Poms from every getting on the right foot from the top, through the middle and the tail of England’s batters.

The fielders also acquitted themselves in fine fashion and the Aussies are still on an upward arc in search of a peak that will conclude with a successful defense of their 2015 title.

The Brits dialed up the weather. Torrential overnight rain caused some questions surrounding the start time.

Warner turned in his best performance of the tournament.

The pairing of Finch and Khawaja was responsible for 173 for 1 after 32 overs and there was some projecting taking place that made 350 at least conceivable.

The Aussie bowlers, however, were more than capable of defending the 285 total, something they of late have been demonstrating with regularity.