Aussie Simmons Unable to Match Pace with Greek Freak Antetokounmpo

It is early in the 2018 – 2019 NBA season, but it is starting to become obvious that if the Philadelphia 76ers are not get deeper into finals than they did last year, they need to bring in some help for Ben Simmons.

Philadelphia ran into a hot Milwaukee Bucks team that has started the season with four consecutive wins.

The Bucks beat the Sixers 123 – 106, with MVP-hyped Giannis Antetokounmpo was everywhere, scoring 32 points, collecting 18 rebounds, handing out 10 assists and topping the sundae with two steals and three blocks.

He also sold more popcorn and beer than any of the stadium vendors.

Simmons, meanwhile, recorded his 14th triple-double of his young career, but it was a quiet triple-double from 14 points, 13 boards and 11 assists – BONUS BETS.

It appeared at times that the Sixers were standing around, waiting for Simmons to singlehandedly beat Milwaukee and they have fallen to a record on two wins and three losses in the early going.

Simmons missed the last game with a back injury, but it was not serious enough to keep him out against the Bucks and he continues to play on a level similar to last year’s Rookie of the Year performance.

Simmons got off to a strong start and early in the first period, Philadelphia took the lead.

Their strategy of putting a double team on Antetokounmpo every time he touched the ball was not as effective as they had hoped, however, as the assist statistic demonstrates.

When Milwaukee started to hit three-pointers, the momentum of the game swung in their direction and they achieved a tie early in the second period, after trailing 34 – 22 at the end of the first period.

By the time the main break came around, the Bucks had taken the lead and they expanded that lead into the middle of the third quarter.

The presence of Simmons kept the Bucks from turning the game into a slaughter, but Simmons and J J Redick kept the Sixer in the contest.

In the final quarter, the Bucks did escape and put some cushion between themselves and the Sixers and the final score reflected their ability to finish strongly.