Argentine Players Blame Sampaoli for Failure to Produce on Pitch

They should have permitted them to keep the manual.That is, the manual AFA gave the Argentinian players with the advice on how to score with the Russian women.

With some minor editing, it could have proved of value, as the Argentina side is not doing any scoring at all and now has a player revolt on its hands after managing just one goal in its first two matches.

Coach Jorge Sampaoli is a marked man and was the object of an attempted coup by Lionel Messi following a loss to lowly Croatia. Only the lifeline provided to the South American football powerhouse by Nigeria’s win over Iceland.

All Argentina needs to do in order to advance is to beat Nigeria, but with trust in the coach being nil, the AFA honchos are already in crisis mode.

The 23 players demanded a meeting at the team hotel with the coach and his staff and AFA President Claudio Tapia.

The players want Jorge Barruchaga to take the helm in Sampaoli’s stead.

Angry words emanated from the meeting, with a teammate of Barruchaga when Argentina raised the Cup in 1986 reporting, “The players want to build the team. They told Sampaoli and Tapia that they (the players) are going to pick the side. Sampaoli can sit on the bench if he wants, but it won’t matter. It will be nothing to do with him.”

President Tapia granted the coach a stay, but that stay will not be worth the paper on which it is printed if Argentina fails to get out of the group.

Sampaoli was told that he would be axed at the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals, which seems an odd strategy, although some thought that announcement was in the hopes that Sampaoli would quit, but monetary considerations came into play and the only hopes for anyone from Argentina seem to hinge on the match on Tuesday.