Anthony Davis Wants out of New Orleans but not in Boston

We old timers remember when the NBA basketball franchise in New Orleans was the Jazz. Then, the Jazz moved to Salt Lake City in Utah, where jazz is known as the Devil’s music.

The history of this team makes the nomadic lifestyles of gypsies and prehistoric hunter/gatherers seem sedentary by comparison.

The Jazz departed for Salt Lake City following the 1978 – 1979 season.

The NBA void in New Orleans was filled in 2002, when the Charlotte Hornets relocated from North Carolina. Following the massive Hurricane Katrina, the team played in Oklahoma City for two seasons, returning to New Orleans for the 2007 – 2008 NBA season.

The franchise became the Pelicans for the 2013 – 2014 season, a homage to the Louisiana state bird, the brown Pelican.

Pelicans. Now, there is a name to strike fear into the heart. It might work well if the AFL were to grant a franchise to Perth or Parramatta. At least there would be the alliteration.

The Pelicans are in the news of late because their franchise player, Anthony Davis, wants to, as do most NBA superstars, play in any major market in a coastal city, which despite there being major coastal cities in the east, means Los Angeles.

Best nightlife in the NBA, the City of Angles.

The Lakers are in pursuit, as LeBron has indicated that Davis is whom he wants. The Pelicans are demanding high draft picks.

The Lakers offered six players, and two future first-round draft selections.

The Pelicans want nothing to do with the Lakers. The Boston Celtics are waiting in the wings to try to do a deal for Davis in the offseason, despite Davis’ statement that he wants nothing to do with Boston.

It is cold there, with the adjective “bitter” often attached. Plus, the New England region rolls up the streets at 10 pm., leaving young, NBA multimillionaires with nothing to do but go online and look at airline websites for flights to Los Angeles.

Just for perspective, Davis earns $US25 million per season. The AFL salary cap per side is $12.45 million.