AFLW Secures Long Term Broadcast Deal for Every 2019 Game

With Isabel Huntington in the clear after it was determined that her suspected ACL injury was nothing more than a sprain, we now learn that those with the inclination will be able to watch every game of the 2019 AFLW Premiership fixture that will televise every game live, as Fox Footy has inked a deal that will provide TV coverage for the next four years.

Back in the olden days of yore, professional sports clubs depended on spectators filling the seats of stadiums to supply the bulk of the revenue, through walk-ups and club memberships, but a steady source of revenue of the type broadcast rights supply is imperative in the current era.

The future is looking rosy for the AFLW. They added two clubs for the 2019 competition and are already committed to adding four more, bringing the total to 14, for 2020.

Fox Footy will be working in conjunction with Channel 7. Fox will have three matches from each round in 2019 and will simulcast the other two matches from each round with Channel 7.

That broadcast schedule will jump in 2020, when West Coast, Gold Coast, St. Kilda and Richmond join the competition.

It has been quite a leap from the first season in 2017, when there was no guarantee that there would be a 2018.

Fox Footy and Channel 7 will air every final, which is significant, because the 2019 season will have not just a Grand Final, but also a preliminary one as well.

More games equals more advertising revenue equal increased player salaries equal higher betting turnover equals increased interest for the upcoming group of youngsters who might otherwise use their athletic pursuits for less worthy codes.

Fox intends to make the broadcasts without commercial interruption, which, depending on your point of view, might not provide ample time to get to the fridge for a fresh tinny, but stoppages, despite the league’s attempts to reduce them, should supply the thirsty with the time they need to replenish.