AFL Crows Buy Baseball Franchise to Expand Brand Overseas

It is doubtful that buying a baseball club is an adequate antidote for the fortunes that plague the Adelaide Crows Football Club during the 2018 Toyota AFL Premiership competition, but as an obscure philosopher once said, “Desperate times call for desperate desperateness.”

Adding to the Crows’ brand, the club bought an electronic sports franchise (Did they pay with virtual currency?) and now have added the Adelaide Bite baseball club with the stated intent of gaining more exposure in the countries of Asia and the U.S.

“Baseball is a proven and popular sport in the United States and Asia, and it expands our brand and footprint offshore,” Crows chairman Rob Chapman said. “Our board and senior management have a clear focus on building sustained success both on and off the field in a sports and entertainment landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive.”

Aussie Rules footy is played in the U.S. at an amateur level, by which we mean the level is amateurish, as we do not know if anyone is being payed to play. The AFL will have to assume a place behind soccer and rugby and may have to take the long and arduous route of playing some premiership points games in a major city, such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles if the game is to gain a footy-hold.

The Australian Baseball League claims to have interest from prospective licensees at home and abroad. The league will have teams in not only Australia, but also Korea and New Zealand.

The Kiwis will have to be called the Black Bats, would they not? Some of the other names that come to mind lack the necessary alliterative properties, such as Black Gloves.

One that does have the requisite two b’s in the name might not pass muster with the political correctness squads that seem to be found under every rock and in every nook and cranny of society, but we will leave that one to our readers’ fertile imaginations.