A Run Down on Factors to Consider When Betting on Greyhound Racing

In Australia, Greyhound racing is the second largest racing sport behind horse racing and Australia is one of the biggest nations across the globe for greyhound racing. As most races last around 25 seconds, greyhound racing brings a fast paced excitement to punters and fans alike. With the dogs travelling at speeds of 60 km/hour, it’s no wonder they call greyhound racing “the fastest sport on legs”.

Popularity of Greyhound Racing in Australia

In Australia, the sport is so well loved that there are greyhound races on 364 days a year and you can find races in all states across the entire country. The biggest and most lucrative races occur at the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Cup and the Golden Easter Egg.

What to consider when betting on the Greyhounds

When you’ve got 8 greyhounds racing after a lure at such high speeds, it can be extremely difficult to pick a winner. However, there are some factors to look at that will assist you on making an informed decision when placing your bets on the greyhound races. Follow the below guide to give yourself a better chance at backing a winner!

The Box Draw Position:

For all greyhound races, each dog begins the race in a starter box and the allocated box can impact where the dog will finish in the race. Different greyhounds have different starting preferences, so it’s important to get to know this information on the dogs in your race. Some prefer the outside track and will run better with room to move. Others will prefer to be on the rail and will obviously race better when placed in this position.

The Greyhounds Early Speed:

The early speed depicts how fast the greyhound moves when it comes out of the box. If it can set off quickly into the front at the beginning of the race then its chances of winning after that are greatly improved. This is particularly so for a rail preferred dog placed in an outside box as they will be able to jump ahead of the others to get themselves in their preferred position without impeding on other dogs or causing a collision.

The Greyhounds Stamina:

Having early speed is a great benefit but if the greyhound doesn’t have the stamina to make it through the rest of the race then it’s not to advantageous. The ability to stay strong throughout the race with have a great impact on the outcome of the race. With races running at 60 kms/hour it’s essential that your selected dog has the stamina to get through the entire race at this high speed, so you need to take this aspect into account.

The Greyhounds Running style:

This comes back to where the greyhound runs strongest – the rail or the outside track. If they’re an outside track dog placed in box 1 then they’ll more than likely try to move themselves over to the inside track and vice versa. The problem here can be that they can collide with other greyhounds whilst to move to their preferred position. This can obviously cause spills and impact the remaining race for the greyhound. Consider where your greyhound is positioned and what sort of runner they are and you’ll get a better idea of whether they can go the distance.

Where to Bet on the Greyhounds

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