A Guide to the Betting Markets for the Men’s Hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Ice hockey is a highly popular sport in Canada, Scandinavia, Russia, throughout central and Eastern Europe and the United States. It has been played in the Olympics since 1920. Hockey is the official winter sport of Canada, so Canada is certainly a team to watch.

Men’s hockey at the 2018 winter Olympics is held between 14 and 25 February 2018. Twelve countries qualified for the series.

This year’s game is different with no NHL players taking part. This has a big effect on the odds of our Australian free bets. With the US and Canada being forced to play without their top talent the men’s hockey in the 2018 Olympics is a whole new game.

Ways to bet using Ubetfree’s free bet promotions include:

· Winning team overall

· Winning team in a particular match

· Top player of individual teams

· Number of goals scored in a game

· Number of goals scored by a team

· Goal totals over /under – total number of goals scored in an ice hockey game. At least or at most

· Correct score – You can bet on what you think the game score will be and you can also bet on a tied score

· Puck line handicaps – this means that if you bet on a team with a 1.5 handicap they must not lose by at least two goals in order for you to win

In play so far Slovenian player Jan Mursak scored the equalizer against Team USA in Slovenia’s opener. USA is a long shot in the competition but still lost 3-2 to Slovenia, another long shot. Finland have secured the semi final after winning 7-2 over Sweden.

Russia is currently the favourite followed jointly by Canada and Sweden. USA sits at number 6 and the odds at Slovenia and South Korea are way long with Slovenia being 139 times Russia and Korea 258 times the favourite. Norway is at number 10 while Finland is sitting at number 4 and the Czech Republic at no 5. Switzerland, Slovakia and Germany are coming in at 7, 8 and 9 respectively.

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