A Guide to Online Sports Betting in Australia

Aussies love their sport and we love a punt. Everyone is betting online. If you haven’t tried it yourself, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about!

Some people are highly experienced in betting online. They study a variety of sports, the players, their playing styles, sports statistics, and bookmaker transactions and figures. While some people can make a lot of money of betting, there are others who lose big. There are some points to consider when you bet online on sports in Australia. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Know the Odds

Even most beginners know that the favourite has low odds! As with any form of gambling the odds are often stacked in the bookie’s favour. The more likely your bet is to pay out, the less you will make on the bet. Also, always check the payout procedure when placing bets online.

Have a Good Strategy

If you know a successful online punter, ask them about their strategy. Have a firm betting plan in place before you start punting, and do not deviate from your
strategy. Look after your future and your finances with a good betting plan. Utilise our free bet promotions to make the most of your betting dollar.

Use Your Knowledge of the Game

When participating in online sports betting in Australia, use your knowledge of the game! Rather than bet on a variety of sports, start with placing bets on those
sports that you know well. There are a myriad to choose from including tennis, cricket, rugby, AFL, soccer, hockey and many more. Concentrating on your areas of expertise will see you more likely to profit.

Choosing on one or two sports for your bets means that you get to know more about the types of bets available, what works, what doesn’t, what odds to expect and more. You become an expert and your odds at winning are better.

Use a Reputable Online Site

At Ubetfree we are well known for our site security, great betting deals, Australian free bets and free bet promotions. With some research you can get the best bookie free bets and promotions – all year round. Always check that the site you use is a secure site. Don’t risk your bank details with unknown and irreputable websites. Always ensure that the site has https at the front of the site name. and not just http. Https stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. These sites encrypt date and keep your banking information safe.

It Should be Fun

Having a sports bet online should be fun! Enjoy the process, don’t get hung up on the outcome, and consider the betting process a game in itself. Punting online is a way of showing faith in your sporting knowledge or confidence in your team or a particular player. There are numerous ways to participle in sports betting in Australia. Winning gives you bragging rights, and is proof that you know your stuff. Don’t forget to have fun in the process – whether you win or lose!

Don’t Bet What You Can’t Afford to Lose

Gambling irresponsibility can see you losing your job, home, family and more. Never bet away your future earnings. Gamble responsibly. Stick to your strategy and don’t use money that you cannot afford to spend in the heat of the moment, or because you are trying to make a big gain to cover a loss.

Sports betting in Australia is fun, and you don’t have to just bet on Aussie sports! Have a proven system in place, gamble responsibility and concentrate on what you know. At Ubetfree you can make the most of your betting dollar with our bookie free bets and free bet promotions.