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The pace of change continues to accelerate in our connected age and online bookmakers have enjoyed steady growth since the first fledgling online wager site showed up around 1997. Betstar provides a case in point, so here is a review at the operation as it currently exists, with the caveat that it will soon change as the industry and its clientele evolve. Join Betstar Today Bookies

Any Egyptian immigrant named Michael Eskander and his son Alan were the driving force behind Betstar, launched in 2007. The senior Eskander came to Australia in 1966 and worked in various occupations until he obtained a license and embarked on a career fielding the rails at various racecourses, primarily country tracks.

Son Alan also obtained a bookmaker’s license, working independently of his dad, and then receiving certification from the Victorian Bookmakers Association to field on the metropolitan tracks in 2000.

The two men came to be known as prime sources for authoritative racing odds information and to this day Betstar is often viewed as a racing bookmaker, but they did not neglect sports entirely.

They saw that the business of online bookmaking in Australia was consolidating as the big multinational bookmaking operations pursued the lucrative Australian punter market and in 2014, they were acquired by Ladbrokes and currently form a three-pronged triumvirate that includes Betstar, and

Ladbrokes threw their full weight into an upgrade, but wisely did not uproot the perception of Betstar’s prowess in the racing markets. Today, the three outfits share identical odds and markets, similarities in the three websites are obvious, with the chief difference being the promotions each offers.


For anyone even remotely familiar with online bookmakers and the ins and outs of online wagering, Betstar offers a level of one-stop convenience that is as good as or better than any of its competitors.

The website is conceived and executed by professionals that combine Internet expertise with a keen understanding of the wagering industry. Between the website and the mobile applications that are essential to retain clients, no detail has been omitted and anyone from the total neophyte to the battle-hardened professional punter will find something to gain by visiting Betstar.

Customer service and account management functions have received careful attention. The result is that funding options are myriad and simple and the Betstar card makes it simple to retrieve dividends from any ATM.

With regard to turnover, Betstar is in line with industry norms, requiring 1x on deposited funds, hardly onerous by any standard.

The only transaction fees of which we are aware is a potential $25 charge for accounts that remain inactive beyond six months and another charge in an undisclosed amount for anyone who attempts to deposit and withdraw funds without making any wagers. This second charge is obviously intended to prevent money-laundering schemes - Nil Bookmaker Promotions

Betstar accepts only the Australian dollar, so it may necessitate a trip to the bank to exchange those euros and kiwis you keep tripping over, but you can keep most of them if that is your desire, because you will only need $10 Australian to open an account with Betstar.

Telephone support is English-only, but it is entirely conceivable that it will never be necessary to speak to anyone, with the exception of live betting. At this point, it does not appear that Betstar has developed a function to get around telephoning in a live bet, as some of the others seem to have done.

That telephone facility will raise the 50-cent online wager minimum to $20.

Compared to the Australian online bookmaker industry average of 4.9 percent, Betstar’s average margin is more in the range of 5.5 percent. The significance of this difference would truly only be felt by high frequency punters, but it must be taken into account.

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No surprises here, nothing radical, just an effective three-column layout that works for many different online bookmakers and websites in general, for that matter.

Clicking on the Racing tab from the home page provides instant access to thousands of domestic and international racing markets for gallopers, trots and dogs. The Betstar form guide is one of the best, offering two levels of detail, a quick view for recent results and a more extensive one for the avid racing market researcher.

The three promotions Betstar offers are Protest Payouts, Best of the Best and a popular Pick Your Own Odds programme.

In terms of functionality, it would be possible to fill a betslip with multiple wagers in mere minutes, with a high degree of certainty that markets selected will be reflected accurately on the betslip, which shows the potential payout for each selected market.


As with the racing pages, the sports pages on the Betstar wagering platforms are efficient, well conceived and laid out very logically. Countdown times show time remaining before an event and this timer switch from hours and minutes to minutes and finally to seconds.

There are many live betting markets for racing and sports. We would like to see + (plus) and – (minus) options to minimize scrolling, but scrolling is necessary because of the vast number of sports Betstar offers, but is only necessary for someone interested in some of the more arcane sports. All the major games are easily accessed.

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The lack of promotions on par with other bookmakers, even compared to the affiliated sites, is one thing that is frequently mentioned with regard to Betstar, but for the dedicated punter, it is markets and odds that truly matter. The dormant account fee is rare these days, but we feel that the ability to split bonus wagers more than makes up for that.


Betstar covers all the various areas nicely. They could easily be a good choice for the recreational punter who does not need to be overly concerned with always getting the best odds at the lowest margins.

Even the punter who does engage in a lot of activity may find that Betstar is a worthwhile operation with which to have a relationship and punters who like to have a quick bet will no doubt appreciate the mobile platforms.