After many years of industry expansion, the Australian online wagering scene has shrunken a bit.

CrownBet purchased William Hill Australia in 2018. Enter The Stars Group, a Canadian bookie, which bought a 62 percent stake in the operation. Thirty-eight percent is in the hands of Matt Tripp.

The new company will operate as BetEasy, a name that will jog the memories of many Australian punters.

Like many other domestic wagering agencies, BetEasy is licensed by the Northern Territory. The interesting aspect of the operation is how it came to be as it is today. Join BetEasy Here

The agency was known as Betezy when it launched in 2005. Just a couple of years prior, in 2003, it had been run as and was struggling to gain any traction in the early years of online wagering, a classic example of a great idea ahead of its time. It became Betezy when a bookmaker with the mysterious name of A. Kay took over the day-to-day management.

Legal troubles with the Northern Territory licensing authorities cast the agency in a bad light in terms of public perception, along with ominous taxation issues emanating from the Australian Taxation Office. Not surprisingly, neither of these occurrences was good for the growth of the business.

Enter Sportsbet founding partner Matthew Trip, who sold his interest in Sportsbet to buy Betezy in the first quarter of 2014. Tripp successfully resuscitated the operation. About a year later, in 2015, a merger with betting exchange Betfair enhanced the lustre of Betezy, but that was not the last word.


International resort behemoth Crown Resorts International gained a two-thirds interest in the Betezy/Betfair concern and changed the name to BetEasy. In 2017, BetEasy was recognised as a winner of The Australian Business Awards for Employer of Choice, one of the few companies out of many thousands to receive this significant award. BetEasy maintains offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin.

Their Mission Statement is to be the “dominant wagering operator in the Australian landscape by 2020” as they aggressively strive to keep pace with the ever-changing sports industry and breakneck upheavals that are day-to-day occurrences in the world of online wagering.

The current top echelon still includes Matthew Tripp as the Chief Executive Officer. As of late 2017, he purchased 62 percent of the stake that was held by Crown Resorts, so it would seem as though Tripp is committed and confident in his and BetEasy’s ability to maintain a strong presence in the competitive world of online bookmaking. The reported sales price of $150 million is subject to Tripp and any business associates finding the money to complete the transaction and is expected to close by the end of February 2018.

NEW - BetEasy My Rewards

BetEasy is replacing BetEasy Rewards with a new bonus and promotions programme called My Rewards.

BetEasy My Rewards

Clients can access the new offering from an icon in the top right corner of the BetEasy app

This icon will show the number of available rewards, which will change on a daily basis. Some rewards last for more than a day, but there is a time limitation, so the number displayed will change as older offers expire and new ones are loaded.

The main change is that My Rewards is geared more at individual clients. Punters who use BetEasy frequently can expect to see more offers, offers that are customised to the individual, rather than being of the one-size-fits-all variety.

BetEasy My Rewards

There are four categories in the My Rewards section

BetEasy My RewardsThe first of these is Bet Boost

It is applicable to racing and sports, both single and multi-bets. Once a bet is selected and added to the bet slip, a tap on the Bet Boost icon on the slip will open a window displaying the available offers. It seems a good way to increase a potential return when betting on a short-priced sports or racing favourite.

BetEasy My RewardsNext is Bet Return

This one is strictly for racing codes where a fixed odds win bet is in play. The offer will return a stake if the chosen runner fails to win, but finishes second or third. These offers will be made available on a weekly basis.

BetEasy My RewardsThe third feature of My Rewards is Promotions

Promotions can be used for sports and racing markets and the function is similar to the first two. A market is found and a bet selected. A Promotion's icon will display any available offers. 

BetEasy My RewardsFinally, there is Number Four

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BetEasy Website:

In our opinion, website design and function is one of the top criteria in selecting an online bookmaker for the majority of punting needs. Yes, BetEasy deserves credit for opening markets far in advance of the event in many instances, but without an easy to navigate, intuitive and functional website, it would be hard to tolerate a bookmaker who fell behind the latest standards for these criteria.

BetEasy has freshened its look, but has not abandoned the three-column arrangement that seems to be the de facto choice for most domestic and international bookmakers, with few notable exceptions.

The left column is used for various codes, featured markets, and some unique BetEasy features, such as their Multi Express, The Call, Rewards, Promotions and Support.

The middle column is for odds and the right hand column is for the bet slip, which can be hidden to display more odds and markets if desired. The bet slip is similar to most others, except it is possibly a bit more attractive for the use of colour. Also like others, the bet slip will show the potential return for any wager based on the amount staked.

Besides the familiarity, however, we found the most recent design very attractive, without a lot of splashy colour or distracting slide show nonsense. BetEasy uses a distinctive purple colour for its sports and racing codes, combined with white text that leaves no doubt as to what any particular tab will do when selected.

They have done everything possible to make the site easy to view and hunt around. Pages load fast and on our large, landscape format desktop monitors, we were able to find exactly that for which we were looking with a minimum of fuss. There is some scrolling required, but that is understandable when we observed that BetEasy had over 20 pages of markets and odds for tennis alone.

BetEasy Mobile Platforms:

First off, whenever an online bookmaker offers a serviceable mobile version of its website, we like to acknowledge them for doing so.

So, BetEasy, consider yourself acknowledged for having a mobile version of your website that will serve the needs of most punters.

The graphics are clear and clean, text is easily read and most importantly, we found that we were able to scroll without inadvertently tapping on something we did not want. We are not particularly challenged when it comes to dexterity, but we found inadvertent tapping to be an issue on many websites, which is frustrating and time consuming.

The other thing we like about good mobile websites is that they allow us to do what we want without devoting phone memory and storage to an application and being of the older set, we always take pause when we see all the permissions apps demand in order to be installed. We must say that BetEasy asks for the same permissions as do many other apps, bookmaker or otherwise and we have yet to have an app do anything underhanded.

BetEasy has mobile applications for Apple devices in the App Store. We Android users have to download the app from the website.

It took us less than three minutes to download and install the app, which is the best we have found so far, allowing for the possibility that there are many other factors that affect the speed of download and installation.

Once we had the app open, we immediately went to BetEasy’s Live Centre and were pleased to find a few live markets, even though we were on at an odd time.

It still requires a phone call to wager on a live event, but that certainly is not the fault of BetEasy, or any of the other bookmakers, for that matter. We envision a day in the future when the taxing authorities realise how much money is going to overseas bookies who do not insist on clinging to the past, but for now, the situation is what the situation is.

We have to say that the mobile app is okay, but not great, not the best we have seen by any stretch, to the extent that we would prefer to simply use the mobile version of the website.

One issue we encountered was that when we attempted to change from today to some future days for a look at the gallops, all we got was a message saying that the new pages were loading, but load they never did. This happened on the mobile app and the desktop platform. Needless to say, we were not pleased.

We were pleased that the BetEasy app is not a battery slayer, but we would like the app to stop on exit. That last one might simply be us and our lack of familiarity with smart phone settings.

Hopefully, they will still be BetEasy by the time this review goes to publication, but things move at breakneck speed in the online world, maybe more so in the online bookmaking world.


BetEasy accepts credit cards, Visa and MasterCard that is, POLi PayPal and BPay for funding. Bank transfers are accepted, just so you know. You can also mail BetEasy a cheque, if you still have those relics from the 19th century. All of those options, as of mid-2016, require a minimum deposit amount of $5 AUD, the only currency in which BetEasy trades.

There are no fees attached to deposits by BetEasy and no dormant account fees, but be advised that certain banks will charge whatever fees they can, real or imaginary, and certain banks will not facilitate direct deposit due to restrictions imposed by those banks on gambling companies.

Regarding withdrawals, simply reverse the deposit methods, but the most efficient way to go about it is to obtain a prepaid BetEasy Visa card and have your winnings loaded on that card, then you can go about spending your gains anywhere the Visa card is accepted, or you can utilise the services of one of those new-fangled cash dispensing robots that are everywhere.

However, you choose to claim your funds, the minimum withdrawal amount is $5.00.

BetEasy is an approved betting partner of the NRL, Cricket Australia, a variety of soccer leagues, Netball Australia and Tennis Australia.

BetEasy takes it a step further by being official partners of the AFL, AFL Nation, the NRL Cronulla Sharks, Wests Tigers, Sportsmate, the Melbourne Storm, Club NSW, Rugby League World Cup and the Canterbury Bulldogs.

Minimum Bet At BetEasy:

We next explored the BetEasy website to determine minimum bet sizes. We digress briefly for our latest rant.

We would expect to find pertinent information such as minimum bet size, maximum wins, minimum bet for live telephone betting and other things of that nature on the Support tab under the heading of FAQ. We found nine questions and answers there, but none of the questions were ones we would ever bother to ask once, let alone frequently. We would speculate that the most frequently asked question regarding the FAQ section is: Who thinks these things up?

We are not singling out BetEasy. They, and just about every bookmaker, and for that matter, most websites we visit, devote efforts to providing FAQs of near zero value. Whew!

We thought we had struck pay dirt for minimum bet information on the Betting Info tab of the Support section. An icon labeled Minimum Bet Update took us to a page where we learned that BetEasy is the first corporate bookmaker to adopt a nationwide minimum bet limit for Australian thoroughbred racing.

That policy states that they will accept all bets from customers that if successful, will supply a maximum payout of $1000. The chief provision to this policy is that the bet must be placed a minimum of 30 minutes before the race start.

As you might expect, when we clicked on an icon offering a Minimum Bet Update, we were expecting something other than what we got.

We attempted to locate the information we sought by clicking another icon in the Betting Info section. This one was labelled How to Bet FAQs. The information contained there was worthwhile, although it was not presented in a question/answer format. There were two videos there describing how to place a racing trifecta bet on the website and how to do the same on the mobile apps.

After more effort than we felt necessary, we scrolled down to the very bottom of the BetEasy website and found a tiny text link labeled Terms and Conditions. It was here that we discovered that as of mid-2016, minimum website bets are $0.50, racing bets via telephone are $50 and sports bets placed via phone are $20.00.

We then discovered another source that indicated that BetEasy would accept online wagers of as little as $0.01. That’s one cent.

Our takeaway from all of this is that BetEasy and all online bookmakers available for public use have extremely low barriers to participation, so low as to render minimum bet requirements moot.

Whilst visiting the Terms and Conditions section in hopes of discovering the answer to what apparently BetEasy (and many others), categorise as Infrequently, or Never-asked Questions (INAQs), such as how much we could win or what is the most we could wager, we encountered a labyrinthine tangle of legalese jargon.

Again, we are not singling our BetEasy; this sort of thing is everywhere, online banking sites, retailers and just about everyone else you might care to mention. We came away empty handed so far as our two questions were concerned. We noticed that under the Sports Rules, there are 26 sets of rules for everything from Aussie Rules, right through the alphabet to Volleyball.

In addition to all of that, BetEasy offers markets on every primary sporting event in Australia. Besides greyhound racing, harness racing, horse racing, odds are offered on AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, soccer and even cricket.

Customer Service:

BetEasy provides excellent customer service, which is provided through email as well as live-chat on the BetEasy website. Should a customer have a dispute regarding a placed bet or a payout, a written response will be sent out as soon as the support staff has seen it. Join BetEasy Today

If a user prefers to speak to someone live, customer service is also available in the form of live phone help from 9 AM to 12 AM Monday through Saturday, as well as 8.30 PM through 6.30 AM. Additionally, customer service may run longer on Sundays if events run late.

One BetEasy feature we found attractive was the presence of online videos that covered various topics, ranging far and wide, such as the top-ranked videos going viral on social media, and other videos covering the details of placing racing bets, from the simple win bet to the more exotic types such as quaddies and multibets.

Lastly, BetEasy does have credit facilities as well. Punters must apply for a line of credit and the amount made available by BetEasy will vary according to various factors. We have made no secret of our view regarding borrowing money with which to gamble, but for any who may be unfamiliar with our stance, we think it is a really, really, really bad idea.


Although it may come off as if we are negatively disposed toward BetEasy, this is not the case. We say what we say in order to make our readers aware that it does require patience and diligence to gather the information that will result in reasonable punter expectations and eliminate unpleasant surprises.

Our impression of the BetEasy website and iPhone and Android mobile wagering platforms is very favourable. We found the three-column layout that we know and love. The fonts were clear and sharp and the colours and page backgrounds were pleasant. Even a visitor from another planet, a dreary, barren planet with no online wagering websites, would be able to get punts on in mere minutes on the BetEasy website and mobile apps.

As lovers and pursuers of deals and free things, we found 15 active promotions on the website, although one of those was an icon for the BetEasy App and another was devoted to the ability to see live video streaming of some sport and racing events. There are promotions for racing, footy codes, tipping competitions and several other worthwhile perquisites. These are found under the Promotions tab at the top of the website as part of the BetEasy banner.

One thing we could not help noticing is that the links for the mobiles apps, featured prominently at the top of most wagering websites, and required us to scroll to the bottom to choose from an iPhone app and an Android app.

The rules of the game are that Android wagering apps must be downloaded from the bookmakers’ website-the Google Play store will not play. The instructions are fairly straightforward, but will require you to go into your mobile device settings to grant permission to accept downloads from unknown sources. For the iPhone app, the app is accessible in the App Store. Join BetEasy

Our conclusion regarding the wagering platforms of BetEasy is that they have done a worthy job and have no deal-killing negatives.


After recently reviewing some international bookmakers, we were relieved to see one times turnovers for deposits and 1.5 times turnovers for bonuses.

BetEasy comes in right at the average for margin at just under five percent for domestic and international sports markets. They are fairly level across the board, with a high of 6.3 percent for A-League soccer and a low of 4.2 percent for State of Origin.

A side-by-side comparison of odds for the final round of the 2016 AFL season for BetEasy and Sportsbet revealed close similarities between the two. There were some intriguing variables. At the moment we looked at the Hawthorn versus Collingwood game, BetEasy would pay Hawks backers $1.20 head-to-head, while Sportsbet was offering $1.17. For those willing to toss some money away on the Tigers, BetEasy would pay back $4.60, while Sportsbet would reward Tigers backers with $5.10.

This rather random, limited and unscientific approach to comparing odds simply points out the entertainment and economic value of shopping for the best deal.

Since the NFL Championship Super Bowl game for 2018 is just a few days away, we had a look at BetEasy’s offerings. What truly jumped out at us what that the bookie was offering 187 markets in total for one gridiron game. The Super Bowl is reputedly the biggest punting event of the year, on a worldwide basis. There were 14 markets for fantasy alone.

Another impressive sight we found on the BetEasy website is that almost two months until the onset of the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition, there were 10 pages of markets, ranging from head-to-head and line betting markets for all 23 Rounds.

BetEasy has both pre-event as well as live odds on all domestic sports, key-forthcoming events, and future markets. Furthermore, in-play betting is available on the majority of markets and overseas betting is available, too.


Live Streaming — Ever since 2015, BetEasy provides live streaming of all Victorian horse races. With the app downloaded to your mobile device, your account verified through the app, and a minimum deposit placed, you can see all races in real time. Plus, with the BetEasy app, you get exclusive access to all AFL games.

Constant Updates — For any punter, staying up-to-date with the latest races and assorted gaming events is vital to being able to place multiple bets intelligently – and just to have a good time. Fortunately, BetEasy's website features all of the entrants and statistics of every greyhound, thoroughbred and harness race which counts down to the second right before each race starts right on the homepage. Winners of a particular race are also posted as soon as the data is available.


BetEasy would make a nice stand-alone option for the occasional punter. Low turnover, small account funding requirements, no dormant account fees and an easy-to-use wagering platform account for this opinion. Join BetEasy Today

A more active punter could consider BetEasy as an adjunct to other memberships, mainly for the fact that for this category of punter, low margins, superior odds and either no or limited restrictions on winnings take precedence over esthetics and convenience.